Plate Solve 2 fails - after win10 update?

Is it just me?
I found that since I updated Win10 to the last release, PS2 fails consistently, especially when I’m dead on target.

I’m running on Win 10 April 21, 2020—KB4550945 (OS Builds 18362.815 and 18363.815), a “quality update”.

Has anyone else observed the same?


Each time you update window probably is a best thingto add Voyager PHD2 and PlateSolve to the exception of the Windows Defender (file, process and folder). Each update this setting are removed.

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I dont found any errors in the last image … just plate solving fail.
Some tip about plate solving:

  • platesolve2 need to be really near to the real position to solve so start session with a blind solve and sync and activate in voyager the blind solve failover for plate solve here (
  • do not use a huge heavy size for solving use bin2 or more and ROI (dont go under 1024 pixel anyway), not use 10 or over MB of data for solve,this have no sense and for some systems mean fail
  • if you have color sensor use Bin2 to remove the bayer data
  • be sure to use real pixel scale , focal lenght, with some system like ASPS and PlateSolve2 must be really near the reality (in terms of units)
  • if you have short focal lenght dont get to much longer exposure that give back too many stars for your system
  • if you have long focal lenght dont get too short exposure that give you small amount of stars
  • if you have long focal lenght dont choose a too much small part of sky
  • doesnt touch default setting of plate solving application
  • avoid big IL gradient and background noise (use the right filter)
  • if you have curvature of field use ROI to cut the curved corner

Some system work really fine other no … depends on too many factors.
Usually PS2 doesn’t have problem but due to the fact that the result coming from a file in the disk be sure:

  • PS2 have permission to write on disk
  • add exceptions to windows defender and your antivirus about at level of process, file and folder
  • remember that if you update WIndows OS, defender will be resetted to work and also the firewall could be resetted in so many rules

Finally …

  • if in your system you are not able to use one of the plate solve system switch to another one, Voyager doesn’t do plate solving and need external system.
  • If you prefer to check togheter use support channel of Voyager (not forum) and ask for remote session during night sky will try to help you to understand

All the best


Thanks for the detailed answer.
Will explore the firewall route… and see if it runs better.

Dear Rodolphe … in my experience of years in support i found PS2 never is the reason for the problem.
I add one thing not in the previous list but the first to do … in the dir where is installed Voyager please delete the platesolve2.ini file and restart All. This file can be damaged sometime prevent things to work, is the file where PlateSolve2 put his things.

All the best

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Had exactly this with another programme last month. As Leonardo mentions, deleting the uni file or even a clean install did the trick.