Plate solve from guide scope

I’m using an Ha filter (no filter wheel) with my scope. I’m unable to plate solve in the city with the main OTA because I don’t get enough stars for a reasonable exposure. I am however able to plate solve from my guidescope (sharpcap solve and sync) and it centers my main scope pretty good since it’s a wide field of view.

Any idea how to automate this if I want to setup a sequence for multiple targets, or have meridian flip?

Maybe a script to plate solve with Sharpcap?
Or another instance with Voyager?
Or a second profile and use Dragscript to startup the second script and plate solve and sync with the guidescope and guidecam? -seems like that would be messy.

I don’t have an answer for you, but I do find this topic very interesting. In addition to my main camera and (narrow field) guide scope I use a third camera on a finder scope to better see where I am pointing when my mount is misbehaving. Plate solves from my finder camera almost never fail unless a cloud or tree gets in the way and I would love to be able to use it from within a dragscript without reconfiguring things. I know, adding a third camera goes beyond the initial question, but the ability to plate solve from a camera other than the main camera without user intervention would be a great feature.

If you need support you can write to the official Voyager support. The forum is for the community and you don’t necessarily get a response. Sometimes it is not really possible to answer or maybe the answer may not be appreciated.

Plate solving must be done with the main camera for imaging otherwise you doesn’t have an alignment.
Is possible to use the HA without problem (so many users do this) , just increase binning and exposure time and gain if you have CMOS. For sequence you can also override the base plate solving settings. Adding a filter wheel with a luminance or red filter is a solution.

Is not possibile to plate solve directly the guide cam, not a great sense this. You can shot a FIT and solve the file from on the fly. You can also create a different profile where the guide camera is the main camera, you can switch profile also from DragScript, or you can start another instance of Voyager. I dont know Sharpcap so you must refer to their support.

In your case a simple blind solving with main camera is the solution, this do not take care of the mount position.

If you need more than one camera you can use a second instance or you can go for the array solution (up to 4 cameras)

Generally if you need to solve a problem that no one have this means you are thinking in a wrong way !