Plate Solve Image out of focus

In the recent past, when I clicked Plate Solve Actual Coordinates, the software would within a few seconds plate solve what I thought is the result of Camera Shot. Click Sync, etc. and now on target.

Now, I take an image with Camera Shot, get a focused image, click Plate Solve Actual Coordinates, and the software takes another image, this time completely out of focus (stars are donuts). Plate solve fails.

After failure, I take another Camera Shot, image is in focus. Why is Voyager taking another image to plate solve and its out of focus? Is Plate Solve somehow moving the focuser?

Thanks for your help.
Johnny Scarborough

Dear Johnny, Voyager absolutely do not move focuser if you dont run an autofocus or a dragscript action for move focuser or manually move the focuser. So absolutely not move focuser during plate solving, so source of your problem is to search outside Voyager.

Be sure to not have some kind of automatic offset or temperature compensation activated in your focuser driver. Be sure also to be at focus with the filter used for plate solving.

All the best

Thanks for the info. As always great customer service. I will check as you suggested.