Plate Solving and Centering Target

Dear all,

First of all, thank you all for contributing in feeding up this forum with so much useful information.

I am gently but surely moving from APT to Voyager. So far, it seems indeed very very promising.

I stil haven’t had the opportunity to fully test it from A to Z. I have a question though regarding plate solving and centering your target.

In APT, I am using ASTAP to blind solve. Then, there is option called “goto++” which center your target at the very center of your screen.

Question 1 ) is voyager allow to use ASTAp as the main plate solving tool ? It seems so, but I would appreciate if someone could confirm it.

Question 2) is there an option that allows you to easily center your target (as the one that I mentioned above) ?

A big thanks in advance for your kind support.

Best regards from Switzerland.

Hi Aygen,

answers to your questions:

  1. yes, you can use ASTAP like plate solving and also like blind solving
    Plate Solve Setup - Voyager Wiki

  2. if you want to do at runtime you can use the OnTheFly section, there is a command called “Precise Pointing Target Coord” … otherwise if you are using sequence Voyager will do it for you automatically.

All the best

Dear Leonardo,

Thank you very much for you quick reply. More than grateful.

I wish you an excellent evening.

Best regards,

Do it! I did and I’m very happy with Voyager and the feedback I’ve received on the forums. It’s very solid and I have not crashed it yet and I do a lot of testing.

I switched from APT because there were too many items to keep track of to make sure your sessions worked correctly. I tested out Voyager maybe two times and then ran a full automated session on my first night out a a dark sky site.

The dashboard is also really cool. Great for framing!

The autofocus is also amazing in Voyager super fast!

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Dear Jamie, I will for sure, trust me.