Plate solving issue with Platesolve 2 and ATLAS

I can not seems to get the plate solving working. I have installed the catalogues for Plate solve 2 (latest) and ATLAS and have pointed to those libraries. It seems plate solve fail every time. (Please see the attached picture). Your help would be appreciated.



Hi Sudath,

official support is not by forum. The image you have posted is not related to Voyager but to PlateSolve application and not help.

Plate solving is an external process so we can answer only for the Voyager side:

  • before use a plate solve for the first time use a blind solve and sync the mount to be sure you are near the place where you want to solve (some system like the one you are using need to be really close from the position to find to work)
  • check your focal length if its correct and get the right scale
  • use adeguate time of exposure 5/10s
  • avoid large image using binning 2 and/or ROI
  • if you have color sensor use bin2 to remove matrix bayer

After this you must check with the support of the PlateSolve or for example try with another system like ASTAP or generally one on the list of allowed controls in Voyager.

All the best