Plate solving/meridian flip

After my polar alignment last night, I had Voyager slew to M27 which is fairly close to my intended target, the eastern Veil. M27 was dead center on the FITs viewer, so I did a Voyager sync. Then I asked it to slew to the Veil which it was not centered. Thinking that how I wanted it framed wasn’t necessarily how Voyager had it internally, I manually nudged my scope via the driver, then did another sync. I then moved it back to M27 which was dead center, then back to the Veil which was off-center again.

Is there something wrong with my workflow prior to starting the sequence? My polar alignment was almost perfect, and guiding RMS was always pithing 0.43" total on PHD2.

Thanks to all for any answers or suggestions.


Eric, sync is not useful if not do a blind/plate solve before, you risk to send mount in a bad place.
Best solution is for first in Voyager to blind solve position and sync (possible away from pole) , after you will never have problem with pointing. You can use a normal plate solve at begin if your mount exit from park and if you have an observatory environment.

If you want to point a target from Voyager , after your mount is aligned and sync, use the button precise pointing target or the sequence.

For your info … good RMS value of guiding is not mean you have good polar alignment.
You may have perfect guiding but completly trail stars due to poor polar alignment.

All the best

Good afternoon to you, sir. I will use that procedure this evening (hopefully), if weather permits.

My polar alignment, according to PHD2 and SharpCap, was less than one arc/minute, so that was not the problem. Star are all beautifully round. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time, and all the best.

Eric Dreher

Eric I don’t wrote you have problem with polar align I wrote good guiding not mean good PolarAlign

I know that’s what you meant, Leo. I just wanted to clarify that my PA was good, that’s all.

Have a great day, and thanks again.