Plate solving that includes the rotation angle

Hi all
it would be very useful to allow a target’s angle to be set, and to then have the plate solving to include rotation correction

This would support the following use cases

  • Precise positioning to place a guide star on the guiding chip
  • Orientating to align with an old data set
  • Framing that been established externally

Welcome Nicholas,

this is on todo list.

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I have requested the same feature and, as Leo said, it is on the To Do list.

In the meantime, here is a workaround. At the beginning of your imaging session, open the OnTheFly panel and click Plate Solve Actual Coord. After the solve, in the monitor section, you will see within the solved coordinates a camera rotation angle. Compare this to your desired angle and rotate the camera by the necessary amount. Solve, rotate, and repeat until your camera angle is within the desired range.

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So many thing to do sorry !

Nothing to be sorry about Leo, you and Roland are doing a brilliant job



Thanks Glenn for raising the original request, and for the handy tip!