Plate solving via Astrotortilla

I’m just starting to explore the Voyager software. In my current setup I use Astrotortilla. Any chance of integrating with that? It uses a local installation of the software. So, if not Astrotortilla, what about the local astrometry software (it runs under cygwin)?

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Voyager using All Sky Plate Solve from G.Benintende. A COM/App based on Local Server. You can use it for plate solving and blind solving:

Astrortilla will not be imported.

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Thanks for the reply. I’ll investigate the All Sky Plate Solver then.

Its really simple to install. Just run setup and download index from astrometry. Probably you already have index and linux environment in pc

Yes, it’s downloading the index files again, because it didn’t like the files I already had installed. It doesn’t matter since if I get it all working, I’ll just remove Astrotortilla and the “old” files.