PlateSolve 3 adding to Voyager

We are importing/adding PlateSolve 3 to Voyager. We have just received the authorization from the developer and from the Planewave Inc.

There are some minor bugs to fix PlateSolve 3 side and we are waiting the Planewave mantainer to fix the bugs. We have a new version (3.81) that work also with not US decimal point configured in regional settings of OS.

All the best

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Though not a previous request by me, on behalf of all of us Planewave mount owners I wanted to thank you. You are always working tirelessly to make Voyager better and better.

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Iā€™m waiting that PlateSolve3 Developer fix all.
Voyager is ready to use PlateSolve3:


I have only just gotten around to implementing this but it seems a great step forward. I have always found Plate Solve 2 to be a bit finnicky in some areas of the sky and Plate Solve 3 seems to resolve that.

On a related note, when having issues always remember to read the Wiki! I updated ASTAP recently as the new version provides extra functionality in terms of image analysis for tilt and corner aberrations (I installed it to help set spacing up on a new field flattener)

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Where is the best place to download PlateSolve 3.81 and its star catalogs?
Dennis Roscoe

Thank you, Leo, for the as always a speedy response.