Platesolve and Mount Simulator

I have a FIT recording and would like to get involved with the Platesolve. Unfortunately I can’t get a proper platesolve. Which settings do you use. However, I only use the Mount Simulator. Is it maybe because of that? Greetings Enrico

Plate solve need a real image or not work. SO use a simulator that give to you real image or use the plate solver simulator of Voyager:

I have a real picture about OnTheFly - Platesolf FIT. tested. It never leads to success. I use ASTAP. It always says “Plate Solving Error : File FIT doesn’t contain(s) XPIXSZ/YPIXSZ/FOCALLEN/OBJCTRA/OBJCTDEC Key to Plate Solving” …

Do not put link to external service please !

You cannot solve a non referred FIT with a normal plate solving.
This is one of the fundamentals info to know about plate solving.

Otherwise use a blind solve service.

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Many Thanks. Is there a good tutorial that explains Platesove? Greetings Enrico

I suggest you a search on google or in a general AP forum.

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