Please review my profile and sequence files


Sorry for the long post and I appreciate you reading it.

I am a long time SGP user and I want to try out Voyager because I am hoping Voyager will do a better job auto focusing than SGP as well as automation. I bought Voyager software and created my own profile and sequence for a certain DSO I plan to image soon. I am including profile and sequence files I made for Voyager and I am asking you to “proofread” my Voyager’s settings if you can and I greatly appreciate it.

My equipment is as follows:

QSI660wsg camera
A-P1100GTOAE (absolute encoders) mount using Ethernet
Optec/Starlight Instruments Focus Boss II auto focuser using Ethernet
PHD2 Guiding
Robostar/Robofire focusing using single star

My mount can easily cross the Meridian without Meridian flipping without scope/pier collision if I image Southern object up to Zenith. The DSO I want to image for the first time with Voyager is well South of Zenith so I plan to set the Meridian Delay to 6 hours East of Meridian in A-P V2 ASCOM driver so that the scope will start under the mount and track past the Meridian without ever needing to flip the mount because the scope should not collide with the pier.

My first object I want to try is NGC7479 which is also know as Superman Galaxy.

Here are my profile and sequence files I created for you to “proofread”. Note that I set to not to Manage Meridian Flip because it’s not necessary for my mount for this DSO.

If you need more information, please let me know.

Note that even though I own Astro-Physics mount, I don’t yet own and probably don’t want to own APCC software, I am simply using latest Astro-Physics V2 ASCOM driver written by Ray Gralak and has worked great for many years.

If you have suggestions or tips about my profile and sequence settings, please let me know.

Thank you very much.


Thanks Peter, is a nice idea to sharing profile and sequence settings, even if there are so many different instruments, and therefore “infinite” combinations. It makes me quite an effect to load a profile and know that I have a TEC 160 :slight_smile: I noticed that you use Robofire on the single star, but you don’t have one (or more) V-curves memorized: Robofire cannot work without at least one V-Curve. Also Localfield works very well… My sequence settings are very similar to yours, but the exposure time is shorter than yours because I use a CMOS camera. Thanks, and clear skies :slight_smile:

Peter … like owner of a license you can ask support directly if you need, also with remote connection.

All the best

Thanks Roberto. Nice to know another Voyager user also owns a TEC 160. :sunglasses:


Thank you Leo. Your software is pretty cool. :sunglasses:


Peter, I don’t have a TEC 160, but when I uploaded your profile file to Voyager, I got this illusion… :sunglasses: Clear skies …

Ah I see. Nothing wrong to dream.