Pointing withTheSkyX or not

Hello to all,
Use as TheSkyX planetarium. I have a question about the best settings for managing the mount, should you connect to the mount from TheSkyX or directly from Voyager?
Doing the mount control from Voyager with EQMOD, I don’t see the pointing on TheSkyX, if i check the mount from TheSkyX i don’t like the meridian management and i had several problems that i didn’t like.

Thanks to all

I think usually I want as little connection as possible, so I’d probably just connect mount via ASCOM driver instead of through SkyX. However one reason you might want to use SkyX as the “middleman” is if you want to retain TPoint model. The meridian flip is not a problem via SkyX; I’ve done that quite a lot while using SB Paramount.

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