Populating ZWO EFW Filter Wheel Filter List

I have the ASI2600MC Pro OSC and recently added the ZWO EFW. I can select the Filter Wheel in the SetupForm->Camera section by clicking the ASCOM button next to the Filter Wheel field. Inside the ASCOM settings for the FW, I can set the friendly names for the filters in the slots they inhabit. However, I cannot “GET” the list of filters under the Filters section. The Filters section in SetupForm->Camera only lists the default BayerMatrix filter, and the filter drop-down list in the Sequence Editor does the same. How do I populate the filters I defined in the ASCOM settings for use in the Sequence editor drop-down list?


Please set the camera like mono and edit the filters:

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Thank you, Leo; that helped. The ZWO EFW driver does not return the configured filter list when I click GET. How is the filter slot position inside the filter wheel related to the manual filter list setup in Voyager? In other words, does Filter Number 1 in Voyager’s Filter Setup match position 1 on the filter wheel? When I choose Filter Number 1 from the Filter Setup list, will the Sequence know that it should instruct the filter wheel to rotate to position 1?

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It is a 1:1 match, so if you manually edit the filter names in Voyager as you would in the EFW driver it will be fine.

GET is reserved to external Camera control like Maxim and TheSkyx, not for ASCOM. In case of ASCOM you must edit filters manually. Paul already answer to your question.

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Excellent, thank you guys!