Post-dither settling timeout

About six or seven times last night, I heard the klaxon sound. Checking the monitor, it mentioned that the settling after dithering had timed-out. The sequence continued to run, and my subs look good.

I using the default 1.0", 10, and 60 second parameters for settling. This has never happened before, so I’m wondering what’s causing this.

I’m guessing that the guide star was possibly too dim, and PHD2 had difficulty reacquiring the star. This only happened in the earlier portion of the evening, for about 25% of the sequence before the meridian flip. After the flip, it did not occur again to the best of my knowledge.

Guide is not equal on each position and on each period of night … so you can have some problem on settling error. Seeing can affect this also and also unique calibration in one generic place.

Usually is just warning so not a big problem, you probably will loss some RMS decimal points.

All the best

This makes sense as seeing was not good initially, then markedly improved as the night progressed. Thank you, Leo.