Post mount flip actions

Currently evaluating the software. Creating a drag script to image one target. I’ve created a sequence and added it to drag script. When the mount needs to flip at the meridan, I guess it will based on the setting I selected(manage flip) in the sequence tab. In The SkyX, normally I would stop imaging, stop autoguider, manually flip mount, closed loop slew to center, reacquire guide star, resume imaging. What would I input in to drag script to get it to all that? Thank you…

This is a kind of task done by sequence in automation. So use a Sequence block in DragScript:

Or if you want to test a single sequence use the OntheFly Sequence action command:

Sequence do exactly what you asked if you have selected options:

For example for guide select calibration and guide (and dithering) flag and settings:

You will found a tab for each category of task in sequence configuration, decide you setting for how you work and save as the sequence configuration in a file. Next time open it change what you need like target and exposure and save as different name to inherits.

stop imagine, stop autoguider, flip mount (not manually) , recenter target, restart guiding is something related if you decided to manage meridian flip, guiding. Recentering if plate solve is not disabled will be done in anycase.

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Cool, If “managed” is selected for meridan flip, all that’s taken care of as part of Voyager “managing” the meridian flip…thanks!

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