Power up the equipment at the beginning of imaging session

Hi all, I am new to Voyager and at this moment I have never used it. I am moving my equipment into a remote observatory which I will have to operate via Internet. I understand that with Viking Voyager can operate power switchers like DragoFly and Digital Loggers power switch. I watched videos on DragScript and I see that I can program to switch on the equipment, but it is done by Voyager so, it must be already running on the computer located in the observatory. Does it mean that the computer must be always on? Or, I should go to the power switch first, switch on computer, start Voyager and then it would start running the script?
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Grigory Vidishev


Yep, Voyager is running on your Remote locally. I have built-in in my observatory that I can wake up the PC with “wake on LAN”, but your PC should support that than you should have something which can trigger the Wake On Lan. I have some friend who have there PC always on. But check if you PC will go on again after a power outage. Its to you how you design and power on all your equipment Viking can help with that but also other methods think of home automation systems. When you PC is running than you can power on also the other equipment via the DragScript but that depend on the capabilities of your equipment



Thank you Chris. I know that PrimaLuce Eagle 4 has this functionality- Wake On Lan, but I am planning to use an Intel NUC computer. Not sure if it has that ability, although I know that Eagle is based on NUC. Thank you again.


Hi Grigory,
You bring up a very good point that I have been struggling with when I was planning my remote observatory about half a year ago. It’s a chicken/egg problem.
I really wanted to be able to control power on PC, not just WoL and have opted for a Shelly 4PM Pro to turn on/off the PC (and a few other components) remotely via direct IP access (app on phone). But you can also use home automation devices. You can read about my considerations and setup Here

Make sure your PC starts when power goes on (no need to press a button). This is something that many PC’s allow for in BIOS, or in case of industrial PC’s they have this function on by default. Good luck with your remote observatory!

Willem Jan

Thank you very much Jan. Your write up is very useful for me. I may follow your setup. Thank you again.

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