Problem creating and running a sequence of Bias and Darks

Hi Voyager Community,

I am attempting to capture bias and dark calibration frames for the first time with Voyager (v2.1.1e).
I have all equipment (QSI683, AP1100, …) connected, and am using my imaging profile.

When creating the sequence, I notice that Dark frames are forced 0 length, and the duration of Bias frames is configurable.

It seems the calibration file duration constraints are reversed.

Image file names and FIT header details match the file type selected in the sequence.

I appreciate your assistance,



Hello Tom,

Voyager doesn’t have constraints on calibration file, you can choose time also for bias or dark.
Depends on camera control or driver what happens during shot, Voyager just send request to shot.

I suggest to use DragScript with precompiled script to do calibration files and not sequence because in sequence way mount is running during shots.

If you think is a Voyager problems or just want dedicated assistance please use ticket way (use mail received with Voyager license) to open a request, attach all the log for session where you had problem.

All the best

Hi Tom,
I am using 2.1.1e and I was able to change the exposure times for both Bias and Dark frames - see screen capture. As Leo suggested, probably best to contact him by email for support, but here’s what I was able to do: