Question about behavior when plate solving fails

Hello. I am wondering what Voyager’s behavior is when plate solving fails. For example if a sequence reaches time for refocus but clouds prevent focus I know that voyager returns to the precious focuser number and returns to target. But what if then it can’t platesolve back to the target because of clouds? Will it use low precision to return to the target and continue shooting, allowing the script to continue? Or will it consider this an emergency situation and do something else? Or will it do whatever is selected on the sequence’s On Error tab?

I know we can add blocks to handle emergency situations in dragscript. Can the example above trigger emergency blocks? Or are those blocks only triggered by external input such as from weather files.

Thanks for any enlightenment. Andy

Voyager try focusing 3 times with 3 different stars if you use Robostar or on the same field if you use LocalField … if cant plate solve position to focus star use blind if configured otherwise the focus is aborted and an emergency fast goto back is done to target. If you use guide and there’s cloud guide failed . This mean for voyager trying 3 calibration (BECAUSE VOYAGER DOESN’T USE STORED CALIBRATION anytime) and for each trying 3 acquire star. If all fail the sequence will be aborted for error and action exit. If you dont use guide the sequence conitnue with normal goto to target, focus will be tried when scheduled and also plate solving for 3 times to go to to star focus. After 3 times the plate solving to focus star will be disabled until the first good focus … all counters of failures will be resetted if focus is done.

Voyager is created to doesn’t stop anytime, just no guide … cloud in sensor managed … signal from I/O card, fatal error and user can abort the sequence.

I hope to be clear
In my opionion if you have cloud and want stop … use the weather control or an I/O card signal to emergency exit or suspend from sequence.

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Thanks Leo. My question was not about focus. It was about return to object. If plate solve fails when returning to target what happens?

My answer is not about focus !

There’s no reason to leave target that’s different to focus, just meridian flip or retargeting. I explained all to allow you to understand. Like i wrote above when return to target if plate solving doesnt work continue to shot in the last position of try. Again like i wrote above dependes also if you guide or not, please go back to read to my first answer.

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"when return to target if plate solving doesnt work continue to shot in the last position of try. "

This was what I was asking about. It wasn’t clear until you wrote it this way. Thanks.

I think this way is better … sorry

Yes agreed. I will talk with the team about implementing cloud sensors.