Question on "Wait astronomical dark"

I am doing some setup for a friend (The one with the slightly temperamental QSI6162, we seem to be getting on top of his issues finally)

Is my understanding correct that if I use “Wait astronomical night” in a dragscript, Voyager will immediately considered the wait ended if it is already astronomical night? To make an example, if astro night is from 8PM to 6AM and I use that wait block, the wait will immediately finish and go go the next line if the wait is called at any time between 8PM and 6AM?

I am aiming to set up a reboot condition if the camera fails to connect as on some occasions that has been the only way to resolve the issue, with Windows launching Voyager and running the dragscript form the command line. If it is during astro night then we want it to immediately go on to connect the setup and start imaging, but if the PC is booted during the daytime we want it to wait til closer to astro dark before connecting the setup and starting.

As an alternative, is anyone aware of an event I could use in Windows 10 task scheduler to automatically launch Voyager ONLY on a reboot, not a cold boot? I can’t find one that is useful for that. Differentiating between a cold boot and reboot would be useful.

Yes. My experience has been that it will automatically start if after astronomical dark

Yes, that has been my experience, too.