Question regarding Sequence action in DragScript

I am trying to understand the possible returned states from the sequence action in dragscript. I have a few scenarios I’d like to use the IF functionality however I’m unsure what state is returned from the sequence under my scenarios.

Scenario 1: the sequence runs and captures all scheduled subs before a time limit is reached - I assume this returns OK. Is that correct?

Scenario 2: the start of sequence limit (in my case min Altitude) has not been reached - I think this returns Skipped. Is that correct?

Scenario 3: the sequence runs however it reaches a time limit (hour angle to prevent meridian flip in my case) however it does not complete all the scheduled subs. Does this return Skipped or something else?

The timing limits in scenario 2 and 3 are being defined within the sequence - not in the dragscript.

I found reference to this in the Wiki under the sequence constraints section:

“Exit sequence if Target is below this Altitude: If checked, automatically end the sequence if target drops below the given altitude in degrees. If the sequence is running in a DragScript, return to DragScript with an OK result (no error, successful sequence termination,skipped status will be set)”

I don’t really understand what that is saying though as it refers to OK result and also Skipped status.

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Best is to use simulator and test in cloudy nights or day time.

IF ERROR : an error happens in action or something to do (and is necessary to do) was not done
IF TIMEOUT : overall allowed execution time for action is finished before action end
IF OK: execution ok or internal timer finished

Scenario 1: return OK
Scenario 2: return OK , return SKIPPED
Scenario 3: return OK , return SKIPPED

Action have a return only if you use a DragScript
OK,ERROR,TIMEOUT is the general return status of an action execution and is always returned.
SKIPPED is another status (different to general status) returned by action and refer only if some constraints throw the exit.

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Thanks for this Leonardo. I wasn’t sure how to use the simulator but will look into that more.

Just to ensure I understand correctly, am I right in concluding scenario 2 and 3 return both an OK and a SKIPPED response? I guess that means I won’t be able to distinguish between scenario 2 and 3 based on the response?

I was hoping scenario 3 would return TIMEOUT if there were still subs to do but the constraints stopped the sequence before it was complete.

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SKIPPED is a different status variable than OK, ERROR, TIMEOUT.
If an action finished for constraints return status OK but the SKIPPED flag is true.

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