Questions about mosaics

I am considering doing a mosaic for one of my upcoming projects. Since I have never done one before, I have a few questions about how to do one with Voyager and the WebDashboard. I have watched the informative video that Leo did on the topic.

I made a virtual mosaic of a target in the WebDashboard and saved it to my RoboClip library. When making a new sequence for the target, I open RoboClip from within the sequence window and choose my target. The target gets imported and a single set of coordinates appears in the sequence window.

Is this sufficient for creation of a mosaic sequence, i.e., does Voyager internally handle the various panes for my target? Or do I need to re-import the target as separate panes into RoboClip and create a separate sequence for each pane?

What is the intended purpose of the “virtual FOV” in RoboClip? What are the pros/cons of saving a mosaic target with a “virtual FOV” versus saving it as separate panes? When would I want to do one versus the other?

Thanks for the guidance!


I used the Exoplanet Research tool to do my Mosaic. Worked perfectly.

Hi Glenn and Bill,
in this moment the mosaic planning is complete on Virtual FoV but before the action you need to import single Tiles into RoboClip from “Tiles list” with clipboard. After it you will obtain single tiles listed on target list and you can select it for standard Sequence, Research and Survey or DragScript.
We are working on a specific Mosaic Sequence/Function that will simplify the shooting operation in a single click selection from RoboClip.
Hope you find useful the mosaic planning feature introduced in Virtual FoV.


Thank you, Francesco and Bill, that clears it up for me.

Bill, your use of the Research and Survey sequence seems perfectly suited to this task. I will try it.

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Hello Gleen,

i will introduce a new action/section for mosaic. Next daily build i will add an import from Virtual FOV Mosaic in Research and Survey.

All the best


Thanks, Leo. That will be a very helpful addition.