Quick question about roboguide

I’m hoping someone can answer. I want and like to use roboguide instead of phd2. However phd2 or something has to be set in my profile to avoid sequence errors. I notice while roboguide is guiding so is phd2.

Is this normal or did I miss a setting somewhere.

Its seems if I tweak phd2 settings in impacts roboguide too so I guess they are tied together?

Thank you

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Roboguide is the Voyager technology for guide star selection only. It is not an autoguider.

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Like Gleen wrote Roboguide is the AI robot that find and choose Guide star, its not an autoguider.
Its usefull to avoid problem on guide star selection and for guiding system that doesn’t have guide star selection in native engine.

Roboguide work with all guiding system without conflict.
A primary control must be choose in Voyager setting, tab guide.

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That makes perfect sense and cleared up a couple other questions. Thank you!!!

I am French and new user of Voyager. Really enjoyed by this automation/Control software and the quick feedback support of Leonardo.
Is it expected to have an internal native autoguider to avoid an external one?
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Welcome Eric, no internal guide are planning at now. Thanks for using Voyager.

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