RA and Dec parameter format for sequence

What format do I need to have my RA and Dec parameters in for a sequence? I am using the RA and Dec info from the www.telescopius.com mosaic tool. Here is an example, RA 01h 33’ 51" Dec 30° 39’ 29" didn’t get an error when running the sequence but it didn’t seem to move the mount.

The format is < hh mm ss > for RA and < +/-dd mm ss > for Dec, with a space in between each numerical value.

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I tested and work, coords can be a various format also a simple number with dot value

Be sure to dont write “RA” and “DEC” text.
Be sure also to flag the “Point target on start” in OnStart tab of sequence configurations.

Like tip, create your base sequence and override it for the others, just change what you need, its simple … just save as the sequence with a different name.

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Thanks for the quick answer. I think it was "point target on start that I was missing. Clear Skies.