RCOS Focus Qestion/Issue

Hi. I am a new Voyager user. I am using an RCOS TCC-1 Focus/fan/rotator controller. Leonardo was kind enough to write a routine that allowed the rotator to be controlled. Thanks! The focus control worked fine to start with. However now I am occasionally have my dragscript (or sequence) hang up when focus is requested. There does not seem to be any way out, since Voyager appears to be waiting for the focuser to respond. When I look at windows task manager the RCOS focus program seems to be using high resources. This is one of those intermittent problems when sometimes the focus works just fine.

You can slow down communications with focuser driver (its really old) using the slow polling flag Use Slow Polling for ASCOM HUB or Not Multi Thread Driver :

Also check the flag to allow tollerance of pointing in case your focuser not reach requested step Focuser Position Check Tolerance [-/+]: and set a number of step related to your system:

But … If the driver is in hang up internally and doesn’t answer … Voyager cannot do anything in this case.

All the best