React to loss of guide star


Is it possible to detect and react to the loss of a guide star in DragScript?
I am using PHD2 and couldnt find any element that semms to fit for this scenario.

This would be really helpful, as at my location small clouds roll in quite often => if guiding fails for about 3 minutes I would like to switch and try for the next target.
(I already have a Script for this in general, but withkut handling guiding problems/errors…)

Thanks a lot!

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Guiding watchdogs are in the sequence and with them all the retry management systems and exit for error.
You can check the exit status of Sequence (IF ERROR) and decide what to do … for your info before exit for error due to a guide problem a lot of retry will be done in Sequence.

Also when a sequence block exit in dragscript you can check the error type:

Thanks a lot!

So I guess ACQUIRE_GUIDE_STAR_ERROR is the error type I am looking for :slight_smile:

Is there any way/documentation/etc. to find out more about the error types? I am not soo sure about some of them… Is for example CAMERA_NOT_CONFIGURED_CONNECTED_ERROR for the case it looses the connection to the camera? I am asking because NINA sometimes lost connection to the camera during night and didnt continue shooting, although in the morning after a reconnect all worked well… I would like to react to this problem automatically during night in order to let Voyager try to reconnect the camera (if the problem even occurs while using Voyager, maybe it was just a problem with NINA).

I really appreciate Voyager so much, great program and concept!

ACQUIRE_GUIDE_STAR_ERROR means no way to find a guide star after all the retries.
CAMERA_NOT_CONFIGURED_CONNECTED_ERROR means camera is not configured in Voyager profile or Voyager cannot connect the camera.

I dont know nina so I cannot help on this, this forum is dedicated to Voyager !

All the best