Record CMOS Camera Gain and Offset in FIT's file

Hi LO,

It would be great if you could do this if possible, especially the Gain value as I use multiple values depending on target type. I’m not too worried about the offset as it’s not something I change but it would be nice to have for reference.

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+1 on this.

I tend to use different gain settings for narrow band and LRGB, and use a different set of darks for each. It would be helpful to have gain recorded in the file name to prevent mix-ups.

Or, if that is not possible, maybe the user could manually enter the gain in the suffix field. The only problem with that is I am already using this field for filter names.

I have found it curious that the suffix area should be used for the filter name when the filter always has to be selected in the sequence slot. Maybe the filter name could be written into the file name, freeing up the suffix field to manually enter the camera gain? Might be the simplest solution.



Voyager cannot know the gain or offset you use fro CMOS. You can put in the suffix or in the name of target. No filter name automatically is a reminescence of my using of CCDStack. CCDStack do calibration automatically from a directory where are all the file. Also who do research with Voyager doesn’t have our system of manage filter and need a field to specify better the filter used.

All of us have their reason that we ignore … but i try to help you on your request.

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