Recover dragscript?

Somehow I appear to have saved over my perpetual dragscript. It’s taken months to get working and I’m gutted.i don’t recall saving a backup (lesson learnt).

The .vos file still is 334kb which suggests to me its more than the blank data. Opening in notepad it has heaps of content but in dragscript editor nothing.

Any ideas?

If the file is damaged you cannot fix it also if appears a text data file.

You can get the Voyager log of last time you have runned the DragScript, inside there is the listing of the DragScript. You can recreate at 90% functionalities of the DragScript (some configuration of blocks are not printed in listing) but for sure you can recreate the logical structure and all the blocks used at 100%

Best solution is a periodical backup or a simple save as with different name each x times.

All the best