Remote connection to Voyager

We have, what we would call, a basic setup.
Voyager is running on a PC (let’s call it HOST PC) and connects successfully to SkyX etc.
We are trying to connect to Voyager via the Web Dashboard from a PC (let’s call it REMOTE PC) in a different location (different network).
However, we get the response “Connection error: Application Server Unavailable.”

If we access the application server via the Web Dashboard on the HOST PC using a blank IP/Hostname or then we can connect.

If we access the application server via the Web Dashboard on the REMOTE PC using the external IP address of the router, with port forwarding, then we cannot connect.
If we do not enable SSL then nothing happens - it does not try to connect.

So, we have setup Zero Tier on both HOST and REMOTE.
These are then connected successfully via a virtual network (172.x.x.x) and we can ping each other.
If we try to connect from the REMOTE PC using the virtual IP address of the HOST PC the connection fails with the message “Connection error: Application Server Unavailable.”

We have disabled windows firewall on both computers.

Does anyone have any hints as to what we may be doing wrong?


This message means Application Server is not reachable from the host you are using.
Check firewall, IP used, port forward of 5950, remove the SSL that need a use of dedicated SSL certificate.

More info:

Hi and thanks for the reply,
We have followed the instructions in those 2 documents.
However, the problem appears to be SSL.

If we toggle SSL to on then the Web Dashboard tries to connect to the webserver but is rejected and we receive the message “Connection error: Application Server Unavailable.”
The application server message log show the following: -
11:28:47 356 - [004] Started ServerClient Thread with ID 4
11:28:47 368 - [004] Connection from REMOTE PC [17x.2x.1x.1x]
11:28:47 425 - [004] Error : Malformed WebSocket Request [Missing GET]
11:28:47 439 - [004] Socket Disconnected
11:28:47 448 - [004] Thread Finished

If we toggle SSL to off and click ‘Connect’ then nothing happens.
No message appears in the application server log.
So we cannot even try to connect without SSL.


Remove the SSL flag, you cannot use. Is dedicated to a special version of the dashboard that you do not have.

The solution to your problem are in one of the points reported in the previous post.
Check each point and refer to your network admin.