Repeat current block until time...did not work as expectetd

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I have put together a sequence block for my array with two knots. It is supposed to take Ha-images the given sequence for two hours. After two hours, if everything is OK, the setup should be disconnected, as well as the array connection, and then both connections should be re-established. This is necessary because I apparently have a problem with a stable connection between the two knots. If the connection is lost and the slave no longer takes images, this should be remedied at least after two hours. Then the sequence should be restarted. Until 03:50 a shutdown should be initiated there.

The whole thing works - only the part with “repeat until time” does not. The sequence was still running tonight at 4:30 am. Where is my error in thinking?

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please use support and send the script and the log about at dedicated email

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Hi Markus,

When did you start your Array Sequence? From the read of it, if you start the sequence before 1:50 (or 23:50, or 21:50), it enters the “repeat the block” loop before 3:50AM, so it starts a 2-hour session again?


Hello Yizhou,

the sequence was started pretty much exactly at 00:50 (but that’s a coincidence that it was exactly 50 min past the hour).
From that point of view, your explanation makes sense. It is possible that I misunderstood the command “repeat until”: I was of the opinion that this command ends the current block at 03:50, also “in the middle” of the sequence.