Replacing bad subs for a target

Maybe I missed it but I need to ask…

If I have a night with bad seeing and the subs are poor quality which I delete, does RoboTarget keep track of the directory and knows how many are there and does more automatically or do I need to add exposures to compensate?



You need to add exposures to compensate. In my experience, and I have been deleting plenty of sub-par shots, RoboTarget carries on with the numbering of the shots it has completed. I agree with this approach from Leonardo and the Voyager team.



Thanks Roberto, this is correct.

One of our user will release a product for automatically grading the image and we will interact directly with this tools when ready. We are waiting for release of it for implementation.

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Perhaps that a way is to use MaxSelector (Felopaul). If know that’s it’s possible to speak with MaxSelector via command lign. With parameters like FWHM, collimation, etc. it can be possible to automatically select bad targets, delete it and replace it in Voyager.
Of course, it’s still work … but very useful to fully automatize night.


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I always have MaxSelector open and preview and delete bad files directly with it.

The PSFSignalWeight in PixInsight is also a great way to grade a subframe… any chance we can have some integration with PixInsight for this purpose?

Integration of PixInsight is something I think isn’t possible, Have you some example how is possible to manage from external PI (not internal Script in PI) ?

I’m waiting for @AstroGabe tools.

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Hopefully grade image; then we delete bad ones, Then add back these deleted exposures to be imaged again some easy way manage


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I’ve seen examples on PixInsight forum:


I’ve been using PSFSignalWeight in my daily processing routines recently, and it’s really stable and trustworthy :smiley:

You need internal JS to run and PI installed on the PC where automation run.

since astap is already connected to Voyager for plate solving and ASTAP can provide star quality measurements through the command line, is the easiest way to use ASTAP ? i.m assuming ASTAP populates the fits headers.