Request for help - text file safe monitor setting


I run a scope in a remote observatory where I don’t have control over the roof automation system, but can pull roof status files and boltwood weather files. Since I have no control over opening/closing the roof, I’m planning to just run my automation off of the roof status file. It is a single text file that will alternate between the following:

“???2021-09-16 12:34:24PM Roof Status: CLOSED”
“???2021-09-16 12:34:24PM Roof Status: OPEN”

Under the file single line monitor, can someone suggest what I should set as safe string? I’m a little unsure as both the data/time and roof status is continually updated.


Hi Norman,

welcome. the string is Roof Status: OPEN. It spossible to check a part of string. But you cannot check the time if is too old and information might is not reliable, this is something to take in account if the roof closing can damage the mount if is not parked or the unpark mount and slewing with roof closed crash the mount.

All the best

Hi, I am doing exactly that. The file in my observatory only contains 2 possible values, OPEN or CLOSED. The safety status is then the file reads OPEN.

As Leo suggested, just make sure that your rig cannot collide when the roof is closed or while is closing and you are good to go.




Can confirm, mount can be in any state with the roof closed, no concerns there. Roof file updates every 30 seconds so, should work fine.

I’ll give it a try tonight and report back when done, thanks a bunch.

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