Reset All targets Progress in a Set in Robotarget

I`m using Robotarget with several sets: Blazars, Variable Stars, Asteroids, etc.
I created different sets for each type.

For example, I created a Set with 20 Blazars I want to check, taking 10 shots per target.
First night 15 of them were succesfull and today (2-3 days after) I want to repeat the same set.
I have to Reset the Progress for every individual target.

Is it possible having an option or button for Reseting to 0 the progress of ALL targets in a set, at the same time?

Thank you

Hi Fernando,

yes sure I will add this for the next daily build
Think about to use the Preset Time Interval target, those kind of target have the reset features for each running (2.3.7). If you cand define a list of intervals (UTC datetime start and end) you can manually insert or upload from a CSV file. If you have the NDA version of Voyager Advanced you can also interact direct from your applications/framework directly with RoboTarget to create targets with Preset Time Interval.

This kind of targetting was requested for research tasks.

All the best