Resume aquisition objective for sequence

I am thinking that i would be a nice feature to, in a sequence, hava a column, where you could set the objective - how many subs to get (fianl goal). Then when i run a sequence there is anoter column “Image count” that is increased for each image taken (for each sequence row). If I have to abort a running sequence, then session statistics should be saved (or if voyager har to abort by other causes). When i start sequence next time (next day, next week or next month) - I could be presented with a question - Restart sequence or resume sequence. If i restert - the “counters ar reset” - if i choose to resume, voyager starts aquiring the imange next in turn according to counters (thereby probably not starting with the first slot). This would ensure i will end up with the total amount of subs per row as i want, not having to delete rows and rund a singe row to get to the final “image count per filter” goal :wink:

I still looove this software, but this feature would be nice, just start vouager, connect, run my specific sequence - nothing more… /this would also be nice when calling a number of sequences frpn a deragscript - as individual sequences reaces the “final” aquisition goal, they would just be skipped (leaving mor time for the remaining sequences ;).

Kind regards/ ROger