Robofire and Edge HD 1100 SCT

ZWO 5 slot EFW with Lum, Ha, SII and OIII. The Lum is a different make then the others so it is not parfocal as are the others.
Starizona Microfocus focuser
Celestron Edge HD 1100 SCT
I am seeing an issue where I try to focus via robofire the images come out slightly out of focus. I have it set to focus using the actual filter being used in the sequence. When I set it to use @focus3 as the focus method it seems to focus correctly. Am I missing something that I need to do in settings for Robofire? I really like the focus routine in Robofire as it works great with my OSC camera.

Hello George,

SCT can be really hard to handle in terms of focus : focuser slippage or backlash or mirrod flop, wrong settings, wrong focus method. You dont miss something that I can understand only from this messagge but you can have wrong setting in RoboFire also is really difficult to understand what mean for you is slightly out of focus. @Focus3 is another application, setting is different. If the @Focus3 work fine for you i think the best solution is to use it, Voyager can manage it.

If you think RoboFire have bug, please report it to support mail.
If you think we can help you on investigate on your problem please send a mail to us for asking remote support.

All the best

Thanks for the quick reply Leo. When I said the images were out of focus I meant the stars were little donut shaped objects. Last night I had some clear weather and decided to see if I could figure out what was going on and it turned out that it was the way I was configuring the focus routine. I was selecting the Lum as the default filter for focusing so I changed it to Ha since all the narrowband filters are parfocal. Once I did this it had no problem in focusing and keeping focus. I am going to be truing up my filter set with the addition of another Lum filter so will likely just get one that is of the same manufacturer.
Keep up the great work Leo, I love the new additions to the web interface and being able to store the targets in a database.

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