Robofire Autofocus not communicating with focuser

I recently upgraded from a Pegasus electric focuser to a Moonlite High Res Stepper Focuser. Robofire did completely operate the Pegasus focuser. Robofire is not communicating with the Moonlite.

Under the Command Tab, one can move the focuser manually therefore Voyager is connected to it. Voyager is reading the temperature and step count. Attached is a screen shot showing where the Moonlite has been updated to the software.

Need help in connecting Robofire to Moonlite.

Thanks, Johnny


The only place where configure focuser for RoboFire is choosing the right ASCOM driver, settings about are on the ASCOM side of the driver. Nothing else is needed to connect focuser.

If you can move the focuser from the command tab your focuser is already connected in Voyager.

All the best

Thanks for the quick response. I think I figured it out. Evidently I didn’t have the image at near focus enough, using the sct mirror focus knob. Once I got the stars close to focus, Robofire worked great the rest of the morning, communicating with the Moonlite.

Thanks again, Johnny

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