RoboFocus and Voyager Field Focus

With my particular equipment Voyager field focus leads to much better stars on the edge (there is some curvature that isn’t completely corrected).

What I would like to request is a different kind of focus offset. I know that filter offsets aren’t going to happen, and I’m fine with that decision.

But in this case what I want is to be able to use Robofocus, and then apply a small offset that would take it to where I would focus if using Voyager Field Focus. It should be relatively easy for me to determine that offset, and it should be very consistent.

Just to be sure I’m not misunderstood, this is NOT a filter offset. This is an offset to correct for the difference between field focusing (that accounts for curvature, and RoboFocus (single star) that does not. This would be very handy, at least in my case when doing narrowband.

I think this is actually already possible given changes in the last release. I can do a Robofocus, get the position and assign it to a variable. Add an offset, and then send the focuser to the calculated position.

However, I can’t really integrate that very well into the middle of a sequence with the current focusing options (temperature, time, number of subs, etc.).

If the answer is no, I’ll understand, but I think this would be very useful.

You already have this. Just think about your telescope not have flattened field so you should choose robostar focus

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I should have known you would already have thought of this. :slight_smile:

Just to confirm, the Focus Offset is applied only to the RoboStar (Single Star) and not the Voyager field focusing?

Offset is for all kind of focus.

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If that is the case, then I would request a somewhat different feature. Could we have a checkbox so that the offset only applies to single star focus (RoboStar), and NOT Voyager local field. The local field focusing already do a really great job of dealing with my curvature.

Alternatively, could we have a RoboScript command that sets that offset. Then I could set the offset depending on which focusing routine I intend to use in that part of my script.

Another possibility which would be very powerful for both this and other things is a RoboScript command to change profile. I strongly suspect that would be very difficult, but that could have numerous uses.

Sorry Madratter but all the focus system in Voyager work fine … RoboFire is for general situation and for small object to get higher FWHM, LocalField is for have best flatned field instead of best FWHM. Work fine as is. If you want to use general offset usually is reserved for telescope have zonal issue with the mirror.

If you want to use directly focuser you already have dragscript block for move it.
Profile must be choosed from Voyager menù, with your telescope I suggest to use the robostar is the best solution.

Anyway we will add a checkbox option like or your initial request.

All the best

And again, thank you so much for implementing this. I know this request was kind of a corner case that probably doesn’t apply to very many people. But for those of us that it does affect, this is really a fantastic addition.

I publicly thanked you over on Cloudy Nights as well.

You deserve the accolades and I want people to see how responsive you were and try out this software.


The more I use it, the more impressed I am by it.

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Thank Madratter but like you can see each post is a good chance to receive bad comments.
If you are happy for us is enough.

All the best

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