ROBOGUIDE - Possible bug 2.1.2e

Hi Leo, All

I am having an issue when trying to acquire a star for guiding (or for calibration) using PHD2 v2.6.6 and Voyager 2.1.2e. This error was not present in 2.1.1j. Logs attached for reference.

Basically, if I calibrate or start guiding manually, PHD2 works just fine. But if I let DragScript run through its paces and try to calibrate or start guiding using a previous calibration, Voyager 2.1.2e exits with an error stating:

For calibration star acquisition: Calibration Guide : Calibration Start Failed (Object reference not set to an instance of an object.) See 00:13:22 424 in 2019_05_24_Voyager.log

For guiding star acquisition: Start Guiding Error (Start Guide Failed (Object reference not set to an instance of an object.) See 00:29:25 713 in same file

During this same session I reverted back 2.1.1j and the issue went away.

I am also providing another Voyager log to show my 2.1.2e settings (2019_05_23) and two PHD2 logs also to show settings and the messages from the PHD2 server.


2019_05_24_Voyager.log -

2019_05_23_Voyager.log -

PHD2_DebugLog_2019-05-23_223452.txt -

PHD2_DebugLog_2019-05-24_003344.txt -

Thanks for report Roberto, sorry. Also Rowland report this.
I check today. Probably is related to image processing and viewer that is ongoing.
Have you tried with 2.1.2 instead to go back to 2.1.1j ?

All the best

Hi Leo

It was late last night that I thought about re-installing a previous version…:sleeping: and I could only find 2.1.1j. I’ll try 2.1.2 today if it stays clear.
Thank you for looking into this!


NO no is ok, i found … its a change made for viewer … i release a new daily build shortly


Sounds great! Many thanks


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