Roboguide setup

I’m new here and in the very early stages of learning about Voyager. Just wondering on other’s experience using Roboguide instead of Native PHD2 for guide star selection and invoking guiding from a dragscript.

I had my first largely successful dragscript session last night however I’m having a number of issues getting it to successfully find a guide star and then successfully guide with Roboguide whereas if I select Native PHD2 in the sequence it works fine. Is there a trick to this?



RoboGuide has an internal AI automata to pickup guide star, can guiding on satured star and avoiding star from the border of chip, anything else that can generate issue. Please check this setting and enable disable satured star guiding:

Better to receive log about your issue to help you, send description of issues and log to the support channels:

Ok thanks. I’ll see if I can find the issue in the log file.