Robostar autofocus without plate solve?

Is there a way of getting a DragScript to do a single-star robostar autofocus routine without first doing a plate solve? At the beginning of my runs, the focus is often so far off that plate solve fails, and to get it to solve, I have to first do a manual focus routine. If I could get a robostar focus to run before trying any plate solves, I wouldn’t have to focus manually before starting my sequence or dragscript.

If this was simply an option that I could check when configuring the step, that would be great.

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Read the Wiki: Sequence Configuration - Voyager Wiki

Use Low Precision Pointing for Pointing Focus Star

Low-precision pointing doesn’t help, because it still tries to do a plate solve. And a plate solve will fail if the focus is too far off.

Use the Simple Goto to a RoboStar Star block before (this will not use plate solving) and then after Use the Autofocus OnPlace flag to avoid pointing to star and plate solving:

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Thanks! I didn’t think about combining those two actions…

… and it works great; thanks!

Thanks both! Was thinking about the same question!