Robotarget constraint request

Would it be possible to have an extra constraint added to targets created in Robotarget? This would work well with the potential for the “Skip ahead” scheduling logic mentioned elsewhere, but other constraints could be used to produce a largely similar result without that.

The constraint I would like to see would be a “Moon up” as well as the "Moon down. Obviously there would need to be an error check in there as moon up and moon down constraints should be mutually exclusive, you should be able to choose moon up or moon down or neither, but not both (NOR logic?)

As I have mentioned elsewhere, I often split shooting on a given night around moonrise or moonset to change over between shooting narrowband and LRGB. A “Moon up” constraint would allow for very smooth management of that changeover point, particularly if “Skip ahead” scheduling logic also becomes available. Combined with distance to the moon and moon phase it would create a lot of flexibility in scheduling LRGB versus Oiii, Sii or HA, given the different impacts of the moon on all of those different filters.

Perhaps moon constraints could be applied per filter

No constraints for filters … constraints are for target.

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Would it be a feasible constraint to add?

Its already in progress Moon up/down add in or. Requested by Glenn.

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Great thanks, I did not spot Glenn’s request.

I have only had one more that I could test night due to weather and everything behaved properly with the constraints and scheduling in the current form.