RoboTarget Feature Idea

I have been enjoying using RoboTarget on my remote system. It really makes my imaging planning and execution a breeze. One thing I would like to ask about would be that a Target definition could have an external script option in the base sequence override settings. I would like to have Voyager run a script to change the mount model I am using for a given target. This script would be populated by me, and would call APPC to change the active model based on the parameters I give it. I know I can do this with a new sequence template, but this feature would cut down on the need to create a new sequence template for each target I wanted to make this script available to.


Hi Bill,

for this kind of request the best solution is to ask for a custom development to the support email.

All the best

Hey Leo,

Here are some photos of what I was mentioning.

In this you can see the OnStart option for a sequence that allows a script to be run:

I was asking for the run script option to be added here as well:

Bill, I dont think you need a model for each targets or something really wrong happens with your mount.
I suggest to create a target template for the models you have and copy and paste from this template to create a new target.

In the case of Declination Arc models in APCC Pro, it is best to use them for a single target. Since I have my projects planned out in RoboTarget, I build a smaller 70-90 point DecArc model for just that project and a 502 point model that is for general use by folks on SkyGems sending requests for scope time. Today I am managing changing these models via cusom base sequences, which works fine – but the thought occured to me that this could be simplified if the target in RoboTarget had this override option.


LIke I said to you this is a custom development, please reach me by email.

All the best

Sure thing. I sent you a note about this.