Robotarget manager roadmap

I am sure I have seen mention of it in the past but could not find a definitive answer.

Is it possible and is there any intention to add to the robotarget manager the ability to have Voyager physically delete shots from the HDD (And remove them from the session data)

File management wise it would be fantastic to be able to examine images with the remote “Stretched download” function which now exists in Robotarget manager then as is also possible now, either directly or by rating select shots to move to the deleted list (From which they can be recovered) but then having the final stage being the ability to have Voyager delete selected files in the “Shot done-deleted” list from the HDD and remove them from the shot done list completely.

If that ability could be added, virtually all data and file management could be done within Robotarget which would be awesome.

I really not like to put physicall delete from remote …
I will add this like an option to enable in the RoboTarget Manager.

All the best

For me that would be a fantastic addition, but I understand the reluctance.

Is it possible to have the function firstly requiring the user to enable it (As you are suggesting as an option in RoboTarget Manager) and then only being available from the “Shots done - Deleted” list? That way users would have to deliberately enable the function in a setup page to have it available, and then need to move an image to the “Shots done - deleted” list before having the option to physically delete the file. The final step being a confirmation/warning dialog like “Are you sure want to to delete? this file will be deleted from the hard drive and can not be recovered”

Anyone who enables the function and then goes through two deliberate steps and a warning dialog to actually delete a file surely has to take responsibility on themselves if they delete data that they realise they wanted. If the function was limited to one image file at a time it would be hard to accidentally delete a significant amount of data.

I like this, but instead of delete the “shot done deleted” images, just move them to another folder, something called “to be deleted” folder. This way Voyager doesn’t delete files, but during the file sorting & browsing it makes file management much easier.


Voyager actually do not delete anything … just for info.
Delete is only a logical status of file in the database.

Would what Yizhou suggested be possible? Images “Deleted” within RoboTarget Manager and moved to the “Shots done - deleted” tab being moved to a “Shots done - Deleted” subfolder created by Voyager. For instance, if shots were saved in C:\users\Blue\M31, the files marked as deleted in RoboTarget Manager would be moved to C:\users\Blue\M31\Shots_done-deleted

And would it be possible for RoboTarget to rescan the folders to clean the database if files are deleted by the user via Windows?

If both of those were possible, it would then be easy to remotely grade images using the new viewer, move the bad ones to a separate folder via RoboTarget Manager and once the user is sure the “Bad” images really are bad, manually delete them via Windows then have RoboTarget Manager scan the folders to heal the database for the physical deletions.

I think is better to add

No this is absolutely not possible, sorry. Management of files are only at data level and not in the inverse way.

About moving data … move data from folders in remote not in manual mode is not a great idea, you might lost data. But I will think about.

All the best

If it is possible and safe to have RoboTarget Manager move files remotely between the main image folder and a “Deleted” subfolder in response to selecting them as “Deleted” or “Restored” either manually or by rating that would be a great outcome by me. I will wait and see what you decide.