Robotarget "Scheduler Candidate Interval Invalid"

Hi all,

I successfully installed Advanced on my second rig - tonight was the first clear skies.

While my dragscript reached the “robotarget block”, I got the message : Scheduler did not select any targets… and robotarget reject reason was showing the following: “Scheduler Candidate Interval INVALID”. ;(

I just removed all the constraints and put them back and after having manually started “RoboTargetRun” everything was okay. Did you ever encounter such message ? Just want to make sure that it won’t fire back.

Thank you and clear skies,

This is a normal message and you will see a lot times. Means that at time of evaluation there aren’t valid interval of time for sequence to start based on your constraints or on Target position. The synoptic image can help you or log.

Thank you, Leo, for the clarification. I was sure this was something related to constraints.