Roll off roof project

I’m doing some more experiments with arduino and decided to do a roll off roof project, since I aim in having one in a couple of years, and that’s good start too for developing future DIY IoT for my home.

I figured all the code to move and stop the motor and I did learn a bit of c# to make a very basic program to control it from Windows10. Now I want to move an build an ASCOM driver and I feel fairly lost about how to adjust it to the command lines that my arduino act upon.

Anybody that can share a few knowledge about general ASCOM driver programming?

Thank you

Hola Miguel, I don’t think this is the right place for what you’re asking for. Maybe look here or ask in the ascom groups

Thanks for the group tip, didn’t know that. Will check with them.


Hi Miguel
it is in Italian, but with google you can translate it, maybe it can help you


Andrea thank you so much for the link!



One nice thing about Voyager/Viking is that you can integrate this kind of projects directly without writing an extra layer of code (ASCOM driver). You can simply expose your controller via HTTP (using an ESP32 controller or something similar) or directly using serial port communication.

You can also buy a cheap IO controller supported by Viking and save some coding.