Roll off Roof - Shutter check

Hi Leo
There’s an option in SetupForm for Dome configuration that checks for Shutter status before implementing a GoTo.


Is it possible to make this flag available in DragScript? I have a very basic - ASCOM compatible - RoR which just reports Open/Close. I would like to be able to read off the Shutter status before implementing specific actions within DragScript if possible.

At the moment, I open my RoR at the beginning of a session and it closes at the end of it or when suspended/emergency exit. If I restart a DragScript not from the start I need to watch out for the Open/Close Dome instruction or Voyager will try to open an opened Dome or close a closed one.

This is not critical but would be a nice to have option in DragScript.

Thank you


Hello Roberto,

I was scared about to add to dragscript like mode to understand if roof is open or closed , some driver report only logical status obtained interally by software and not reading directly to I/O…so with Viking you can do this without problem in DrgScript.

I will add but with a big disclaimer … a double check info is needed in this case to avoid damage.

All the best

For you info open a opened or close a closed one isn’t a problem.
Normal driver check status before run action. You can check in daylight your driver between automate it.

All the best

Thank you Leo. Looking forward to option and will check and revert on results.