Rookie Mosaic Errors - What am I doing wrong?

I sent this info to Leo but maybe the community can help too. I’ve just been planning my first mosaic, but having problems getting things running. I got the 2 panes defined and imported them into a sequence. I have an OSC camera and I set one line in the Target tab to repeat 35 times. I thought after 35 subs, it would slew to the second pane and do 35 subs then repeat (infinite loop setting). Instead it ran 55 subs of pane 1 when it shut down af my time limit. Any suggestions on this?

Second issue I have is running the sequence from a script. The sequence will run if I start it directly. However if I start it from a script, even a simple one, I get an error message “Start time 23 hours 55 minutes too far in the future”. I check the sequence and find that the On Start tab Time Wait on Start had changed from being blank to having the current time (less a few minutes) entered and the Interval and Absolute boxes checked. As well as the same info was entered in the On End tab Force Sequence End Timer. I know I must be must be missing something and I’ve watched some tutorials, but can’t figure it out. Really want to get started on a 2x2 Veil Complex mosaic while th e weather is clear!