Rotator angle pre and post meridian flip

From my understanding, what really matters is your target’s SkyPA before meridian-flip. From Leo’s description, you need to frame your target based on pre-flip SkyPA. If you frame your target to have 180deg SkyPA before flip, Voyager will rotate to 180deg before flip, and 0deg after flip.

In your situation it really matters whether your initial slew is before or after flip.

  • If the initial slew is before flip, it rotates from* 10deg to 180deg.
  • If the initial slew is after flip, it rotates from 10deg to 0deg.

So the chanllenge is still to figure out the right SkyPA before slip… still not as convenient…

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Hello. You are absolutely right, yzhzhang.
That way it’s a perfect way of controlling exactly what the software is doing.

The key is unchecking “Maintain the Same Image Orientation After the Meridian” so you don’t need two sets of different flats pre or after Meridiam flipping.

And as a convention, the SkyPA angle is defined always for the pre-meridiam position.
And Voyeger does the rest!

It works like a charm!.

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