Rotator sync out of plate solving PA


any chance to add something in dragscript to sync rotator with the angle given by a plate solve? That can be a nice solution for those without an observatory and in need of removing the whole imaging train every few nights.

Or am I missing something and that’s already possible in Voyager/Dragscript?


No sync for rotator in onthefly or in dragscript.
This is on the todo list but low priority.
I dont have an observatory but also i dont have a rotator and never feel the need to do this, usually a good reference point on focuser do the job perfectly, for your info.

All the best

Leo thanks for the feedback. I’ll be waiting for a future implementation. Meanwhile I’ll use the more manual ways of addressing it


It’s a good thing not only for fixed observatories.
I come from a three nights star party, and each night I mount and unmount all the stuff.
And I had differences of almost 6° between days.
It should be great if sequence or dragscript could sync the rotator. Just taking a picture, solve it and sync the rotator angle in Ascom.

Thank you for your work!


I have a rotator, too, and this would allow much better automation for framing. With the Moonlite CSL focuser I have, it is not possible to rotate without using the motor rotator. So far, I sync in another software. I would appreciate the work.