RS232/UDP input messages

Is it possible in DragScript to receive an RS232 message (or UDP packet) and use the message to set an EVENT or the value of a variable. Even better would be to put a DragScript command in the RS232 message and when received by Voyager, would be executed in the script.

For example, a 3rd party application may be performing image analysis in real time and determine that there is a problem and to abort the current running sequence. Another example is DragScript is running a sequence and a 3rd party application based on achieving some result now wants to abort the sequence and start a new one.


I cannot add in this way , i cannot add another server to Voyager.
There is the Application server is running, i can add an external command dedicated to DragScript, please take a list of command you need to understand on how to tansform in Json command for the server that can be processed from DragScript.

All the best

I looked at the Application server documentation and I believe it will do everything I need. If not I will come back and see if we can add a new Remote command. But so far it looks good. Thanks Leo.