Running External Scripts

I’m new to Voyager coming from CCD Commander. I am working through getting Voyager to automate and had a semi-successful first night.
I use cameras with IR lights to watch my remote observatory. I switch the cameras on via a VBS script at the beginning of a session so I can observe the dome open, slews, and other mechanical operations. Ideally, I would like to switch the IR lights off (via VBS) after a Sequence completes it’s slew, autofocus, platesolve, etc, but just before a sequence starts taking light frames.

Is there a way/suggestion to do this?


hi Frank, with ease you can insert the sequence into a drag script and I could have complete control.


You can probably disable “point target on start” and “inject focus on start” in the “on start” tab in Sequence setup, and create individual actions in Dragscript before the actual sequence. In between you can insert your “turn off camera” external command.

I am running the Sequence via Dragscript. I like that the sequence automatically takes care of many of the actions (slew, AF, etc) without having to recreate duplicate information in the Dragscript. I do not find this to be a show stopper, just less convenient.
(Warning: Feature Request from a new user) I guess a workaround would be add a feature like what is found in the Meridian Flip Tab (execute a script before and/or after a flip), but before and or after the “Point To” slew.